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“Young kids have a great awareness of their bodies and know the best ways to move themselves,” Lindholm says. “Most importantly, I believe that if a kid seems interested in climbing, then that’s a good enough reason to go check it out.” Parkour is the sport of moving from one point in a complex environment to another in the fastest and most efficient way possible — running, jumping and climbing over obstacles along the way.

The sport was developed from military obstacle course training and is often compared to a noncombative martial art. Acrofitness in Mooresville offers Pee Wee Parkour, a co-ed class for children ages 4-7; and Princess Parkour, a class for girls ages 4 and older. Marie Severance, owner of Acrofitness, says success in parkour, comes with development of whole-body athleticism to meet the sport’s demand for speed, agility, upper- and lower-body strength, flexibility, coordination and timing.

“Students will develop skills which allow them to succeed not only in the parkour program, but in other sports as well.” Severance says most kids are a good fit for this “fun” way to get in shape, and Acrofitness welcomes students beginning at age 4, or as soon as they are able to follow specific instructions and are tall enough to scale the smaller mat systems.

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The best way to get involved in parkour is to look for a reputable facility and test the waters with a trial class. Proper training and supervised progression can minimize risks, Severance says. “The televised ‘American Ninja Warrior’ competitions have ignited the thrill [of parkour], and anyone with the desire can succeed,” Severance says.

In fact, for the first time in history, skateboarding is an event in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Rob Dunfey, founder of Go, Skate Skateboard School, based in San Diego, is excited about skateboarding’s “comeback.” Go, Skate provides youth lessons in more than 1,300 skate facilities nationwide, including Grayson Skate Park in Charlotte.

“Shakespeare said, ‘The world is your oyster,’” Dunfey says. “For skateboarding, the world is your playground.” Children as young as 4 years old can get involved in skateboarding, Dunfey says. As little as $140 can buy the necessary board, helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards; and kids can practice in skate parks or on any open stretch of concrete or asphalt, he says.

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Data shows that three out of every four skateboarding accidents happen in the first week, Dunfey says, and proper safety gear and professional instruction can help minimize the risk of these incidents. “Thousands of new skaters have taken lessons with Go, Skate and fewer than a dozen incidents have been reported since 2009,” Dunfey says.

In this sport, athletes ride special BMX bikes on dirt tracks or other off-road terrain. BMX races and stunt competitions are popular among more experienced riders. The Novant Health BMX Supercross Track, run by the City of Rock Hill Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department, offers a free new rider orientation each Tuesday from 6-7 p.

and on most Saturdays from 3-4 p. m. The orientation provides an introduction to BMX with a progressive approach that prepares riders for competition when they are ready. The track also offers additional clinics to support learning skills beyond the initial orientation session, and provides BMX bike and helmet rentals for $10.

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For $5, a new rider can join in a practice. Weather permitting, practices happen Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6-8 p. m. New riders are required to wear pants, long-sleeve shirts, enclosed shoes and a helmet, and almost any bike can be outfitted for BMX. The program in Rock Hill has participants as young as age 5 and allows “striders” (kids on bikes without pedals) to try the track.

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“BMX is an all-ages sport. Starting young helps riders develop balance, strength and bike handling skills,” says Laurie Helms, marketing coordinator for the City of Rock Hill Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department. “Kids who take on adventure sports may be more likely to live an active lifestyle as adults, which can bring a number of health benefits, and can also lead to increased self-confidence.” Emily Schappacher is writer, wife and mom who is soon to dive into swim lessons with her 2-year-old son.

Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) is an aquatics fun center that teaches people to play in the water. Our charter is to bring people together, teach them to the best of their abilities, outfit them with gear to fit their potential, arrange adventures to use their new skills, and eat well.

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You hover weightlessly underwater surrounded by vivid bright colors and abundant life. By learning to SCUBA dive, you learn how to explore a new world that is visited by only a few select people. Swim Program Learning to swim will be a new and exciting experience for your child. For the past 36 years, Adventure Sports Unlimited has taught over 28,000 children to swim in a positive, warm environment.

Author links open overlay panelJohn H.KerraSusan, Houge MackenziebShow more, Abstract, Objectives, The purpose of the present study was to explore possible multiple motives for participation in different adventure sports. Design, Qualitative design, specifically an inductive-deductive approach informed by reversal theory, was used to analyze participation motivation data. Method, Data was collected using the Scanlan Collaborative Interview Method (SCIM; Scanlan, Russell, Wilson, & Scanlan, 2003).

Results, The results indicated that the participants' motivation was multifaceted. While some participants shared common motives, these were often described in different orders of importance by different participants. The range of motives for adventure sport participation found included: goal achievement, risk taking, social motivation, escape from boredom, pushing personal boundaries and overcoming fear, as well as connecting with the natural environment, and pleasurable kinaesthetic bodily sensations from moving in water or air.